American Phil Textiles Limited

Our Design Team

3D Design Rendering

Our design team prepares a diverse seasonal collection of products, including underwear, homewear, loungewear, and sportswear for both men & women. Our graphical design team uses BROWZWEAR to prepare seasonal prints, and 3D rendering of products for our clients. With our designed team based in Hong Kong, elite sourcing team and the assistance of computer rendering we have a competitive edge, allowing us to communicate efficiently with clients, and produce true-to-life digital samples that remove productivity barriers, speed up time to market, meanwhile reducing carbon emission.

Trend Foreca‚Äčst

Our team of dedicated designers, work day and night researching and formulating predictions of trend movements. Based on their results we produce trend forecast twice a year, looking at upcoming fashion trends, innovative materials & designs. Each year we share the results of our research with our loyal customers. Sending them each a hardcopy, attached with photos, material and design ideas.

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