American Phil Textiles Limited

Innovation. Sustainability.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is having significant impact on global garment supply chains. At American Phil, a new norm has been established. We care about the immediate health and safey of our workers and we take measures to reduce risk and exposure of transmission in our factories. Our commitment to innovation and adapting during these hard times has ensured our global brand customers continue to receive our support and assistance in goods with just in time delivery.
Since the begining of covid, we have explored many possibilities in helping our clients overcome travel barriers.  While exploring these possibilities we made sure we were having a positive impact on the environment.  Those of which included the implementation of virtual audits, use of 3D renders to develop a virtual showroom etc.  This allowed us to develop a sustainable method of communication and product development for ourselves and our clients.  
Meanwhile to protect our staff from the virus, we equipped all our staffs with surgical masks, and developed a reusable mask for ourselves and our clients.  We value our society and community, so we put giving back high on our agenda, making it a regular commitment we practice and advocate.