Members of the American Phil Group
American Phil International Limited 美菲國際有限公司
American Phil Textiles Limited 美菲貿易有限公司 (ISO9001 Certified Company)
American Phil Textiles (Overseas) Limited
Dongguan Philknit Garment Factory Limited 東莞菲力製衣有限公司
Dongguan Philknit Investment Services Limited 東莞菲力投資咨詢有限公司



Affiliated Companies and Factories
Approach (Suzhou) Garment Co. Limited 愛譜詩(蘇州)服裝有限公司
Guangzhou Approach Trading Co. Limited 廣州市歐彼仕貿易有限公司
Guangzhou Meiye Knitting Garment Fty. Limited 廣州美業針織製衣有限公司
Heshan Po Wah Philknit Garment Factory Limited 鶴山寶華菲力製衣有限公司
Pioneer AP Elastic Limited 盈新彈性織物有限公司