Growing During the Pandemic

Growing During the Pandemic 

Adapting to a new norm 

The pandemic and trade war has taken the world by storm, as we face many new challenges and uncertainty we found many breakthroughs and grown a lot as a company.  Amid these crisis sustainability remains one of our core values, fueling our momentum for change and innovation, in order to maintain and sustain business growth.The garment industry has undergone a transformative few years.  Since the start of the pandemic; the barriers of social distancing and travelling has forced us to grow immensely.  As we began to see digitalization playing an increasing role in the garment industry, accelerating and transforming how we work with our clients; from virtual sampling, to virtual audits… In doing so we emphasized implementing measures which revolved around transparency, efficiency and reducing carbon footprint.

Maintaining Social value amidst a GLOBAL CRISIS 

As the pandemic wreaked havoc around the world, we made protecting our workers and community our first priority.  Putting effective measures to manage health and safety risks, modelling our measures after those of The University of Hong Kong’s faculty of medicine.  From surveying and monitoring staff movement, to promoting vaccination, and providing our staffs with masks and rapid tests, we have flexible working requirements to accommodate colleagues under these special circumstances.  We made sure to ensure the safety & wellbeing of our colleagues during the pandemic.  In which we took the initiative to develop reusable fabric masks for our clients and colleagues, urging them to support sustainability while protecting them from Covid.

Looking Ahead 

Moving forward, we will maintain the excellence and pursuit for sustainability, aiming to become a better version of ourself.  We aim to increase our competitiveness through adopting new technologies in automation and digitalisation, meanwhile continuing to innovate.  We are actively seeking methods to attain high customer satisfaction through professional, value-added services and comprehensive solutions, by constantly adapting to the rapidly changing market.